Meishubao offers online custom-designed painting courses targeted at children aged between 4 and 12 (flexible). The course is designed to fit K-12 and international schools art curricula. Classes are offered in Cantonese or Mandarin (English can be used as a support language). Our teachers are holding teaching positions in central and regional Chinese art academies. Our classes are informative and entertaining. With our partnership with AyiConnection, we offer FREE trial class to all potential customers (60 min art teaching and skills assessment). 

The shortest course consists of 38 class-hours. Then we have 58-,116- and 164- class hour courses. We also have longer duration courses (300 & 500 class hours) for those who plan to study art professionally long term.  


Theme 1. The course content, its relevance to international schools art curriculum.

Our courses are suitable for all levels- from zero to advanced, and include (but not limited to) the following: 

1.Oil painting



4.Chinese painting


6.Anime & manga



Convenience of learning art online- you only need a notebook, ipad or PC. Considering the situation with pandemic its a safe option and a good way to educate and entertain kids while staying indoors. Think about the time and effort saved (otherwise spent on commute) when taking classes at home. 30000 families outside of China have already joined our family. It’s also important to not the effects of art on cognitive development and school performance (there is scientific evidence of art helping with performance in math and sciences). 


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    Estados Unidos, California, Sunnyvale
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    Learning Academy
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