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Nanny 阿姨

Hi! Start Date and Hours Flexible. We are looking for a Nanny, Personal Assisant, and Housekeeper for our family. This position is in Bennington, NE, United States—we live in a beautiful, waterfront that is 9000-square feet and you will have a very private suite, live in, 5-6 per week, all kids in school or daycare full days —so we need help before and after school 5:30-7am 6pm-9pm on most days, occasional overnights, light cleaning, laundry and miscellaneous housework/errands rate $4000–negotiable Per Month negoatiable depending on duties; if take infant overnight will pay higher fair salary. The ideal candidate can care for Infant, Toddler, Preschooler. Loving, hardworking, and kind. Please apply to the job to learn more about us! Looking forward to meeting you! 你好!开始日期和时间灵活。我们正在为我们的家庭寻找保母。这个职位在美国东北的本宁顿,我们住在一个美丽的海滨,有9000平方英尺,你将有一个非常私人的套房,住在这里,每周5-6次,所有的孩子都在学校或日托所全天,所以我们需要帮助,在学校前后5:30-7am 6pm-9pm,偶尔过夜,轻度清洁,洗衣和杂项家务/杂务率4000美元-可协商每月可根据职责而定,如果带婴儿过夜将支付更高的公平工资。理想的候选人可以照顾婴儿,幼儿,学龄前儿童。有爱心,勤奋,善良。请申请这份工作,以了解更多关于我们的信息! 期待与您见面。

Tipo de trabajo
Cuidado de niños
Vida deseada
Vivir en
$4000 por mes
2022-08-01 — TBD
5 day(s) per week
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