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When you find the perfect nanny for you and proceed to hire them, you become their employer; as such, you are responsible for the nanny's wellbeing. You are also tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the nanny's rights are preserved. Listed below are some of the nanny's rights that you must uphold. 



Nanny's wages

The first right of every worker is their wages, and nannies are no different. Nannies are entitled to, at the very least, a minimum wage or a wage agreed upon by both parties at the beginning of the arrangement. If the nanny also works on some specified off days, like Sundays, then the nanny must be paid extra for the extra work.


Nanny's right to sick pay

When it comes to sick pay, although nannies do not have the legal right to request sick pay, they are entitled to receive sick pay unless their contract states otherwise. This means that, if you do not wish to pay your nanny for sick days, that must be stated in the contract.



Nanny's maximum hours of work

Nannies need their rest to be able to function properly and give your children the best care possible. They generally can work a maximum of 48 to 50 hours a week. Your nanny is entitled to 11 consecutive hours that should be for rest in every 24-hour shift. They are also entitled to take a 20-minute break after every 4 hours of work and a 30-minute break after every 6 hours of work.


Nanny's right to public holidays and annual leave 

Full-time working nannies are entitled to 4 weeks of paid leave every year. This is often taken as a 2-week holiday twice each year. They also have a right to request payment before the start of the leave. As for public holidays, your nanny is entitled to 9 paid public holidays scattered throughout the year.



Nanny's right to a notice before dismissal 

Nannies also reserve the right to be notified weeks before their employment is nullified. This enables the nanny to seek new employment during this period. Nannies are also protected against wrongful dismissal if their employment has exceeded a year. However, even if their employment has been in effect for less than a year, they may also petition for wrongful dismissal under some specific parameters. 



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