AyiConnect Staff, Jun 16, 2022
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Nanny Job Description: Nanny's Rights and Responsibilities 


As a parent or guardian seeking additional help for your child in the form of a nanny, you must be well versed in the responsibilities of nannies on the job, and the rights they enjoy. Their responsibilities include tasks for which the nanny is held accountable. Of course, these tasks are largely dependent on the family's particular needs and should be outlined clearly in the nanny job description. The job of a nanny is very important and should not be taken lightly; hence, clear and concise instructions concerning details of the job description are necessary to ensure that all parties are fully briefed. 



Responsibilities of a Nanny  


The most traditional task of all nannies is childcare. And so, each additional task a nanny undertakes after employment must be centered around childcare. Nannies function as primary authority figures for kids in the absence of their parents or guardians. It is important for nannies to fully understand their responsibilities and be dedicated to fulfilling them to the best of their abilities. Here are some common responsibilities with which nannies are often tasked with


Laundry of the children's clothes.

Bathing, picking out clothes, and dressing the children.

Frequent diaper changes and potty training the children, if age-appropriate. 

Helping the children with educational activities and their crafts. 

Reading books or occasional bedtime stories to the children.

Organizing the children's room and play area before and after playtime.

Mild housekeeping around the house.

Playing with the children indoors and outdoors.

Arranging outings and playdates with other kids accompanied by their nannies. 

Picking out and administering mild medication to the children with the consent of their parents.

Ensuring the kids' environments are safe and conducive for them to thrive.

Planning foods for different times of day, preparing the food, and feeding the children 


(with the parents’ permission). 

Carpooling or taking the children to school. 

Ensuring the logs are maintained for the parent's’ supervision.





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