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Usually, year-end is the time for your yearly nanny performance review. This not only gives you a general idea of how well your nanny performed throughout the year, but it also will ensure that your nanny improves the quality of service offered to your kids.  

If you belong to the category of people unsure of how to effectively conduct a yearly nanny performance review or you haven't conducted one before, the tips outlined below will be of great help!

●      Ask your Nanny to complete a self-assessment 

Before you even begin the annual review, you can request a self-assessment from your nanny. This will give your nanny a chance to outline their successes, performance, aspects where improvement is necessary. Your nanny doesn't have to perform a bulky or overly complicated self-assessment. A simple assessment that clearly asks the nanny to place an accurate rating on their performance in the area of handling responsibilities, overall work performance, child care, etc. 

It is also important to add that while you receive this assessment from your nanny you must compare it with the notes that you have kept throughout the year. Check to see if the assessment matches your notes and observations made throughout the year. Be ready to review any discrepancy with your nanny. 

●      Ensure you conduct your performance review discreetly 

It is also important to conduct your review away from interruptions from the kids, strangers, and so on. You could schedule it for a time when the kids are asleep or out of the house. This is because absolute attention needs to be given to these reviews to ensure nothing is omitted or inaccurately stated. 

●      Outline the strengths you have observed, areas needing improvement, and future goals

When outlining the performance review, you should do it in three main stages; accomplishments and strengths, areas requiring improvement, and future goals. 

Prepare examples in these areas to go over with your nanny. For example, if you have observed and appreciated how well your nanny interacts with your kids or how punctual they are to work every day, you should bring this up during the performance review and appreciate your nanny for possessing these attributes. 

Similarly, if you have also observed that your nanny doesn't measure up in some areas like putting the kids to bed on time or helping the kids tidy up their play area at the end of the day. You should also bring it up during this review and suggest effective solutions that will yield better results. As for future goals, they do not need to be overly complicated or ambitious. Something specific to your kids would make for great future goals. 

●      Ensure you reassess the details of the contract including benefits and compensation. 

As the years go by, your kids grow older and their immediate needs evolve. This equates to the responsibilities of your nanny needing to change also. For your performance review, you will need to consider how much the role your nanny plays has changed throughout the year. Perhaps, your nanny has had to do even more as a result of the lockdown during the pandemic crisis in terms of housekeeping or even tutoring duties. 

You may also consider the extra responsibilities that may ensue from significant events like taking in a new pet, moving to a new house, or your child beginning classes at a new school. You must review the initial information in the previous job description and compare it with the current responsibilities of your nanny. Use this information to analyze and discuss an increase in salary, benefits or make any changes to the contract. 

●      Be open to receiving feedback 

After conducting the review, you must leave an avenue to receive feedback from your nanny regarding their time working for you throughout the year. Be ready to receive criticisms and concerns from your nanny and prepare to make adjustments. This process is necessary to ensure you remain a great employer and improve the working relationship beyond you and your nanny.

Final words

Ensure to set your nanny straight if you notice that they didn't perform well enough after the performance review.

 Find areas where they are performing below standard and provide strategies to facilitate their improvement. 

However, if they don't improve, you may need to consider hiring an alternative. 


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