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The Chinese Postpartum Program and Nourishing Foods: A Comprehensive Guide to Postpartum Recovery

The Chinese postpartum program is a traditional practice that prioritizes postpartum recovery up to a 40-day confinement period following childbirth. The program advocates for holistic postpartum care, which includes nourishing foods, herbal remedies, and postpartum practices that promote physical and emotional healing. In this article, we will delve deeper into the Chinese postpartum program and the role of nourishing foods in postpartum recovery.

What is the Chinese Postpartum Program?

The Chinese postpartum program, also known as "Zuo Yuezi," is a traditional practice that focuses on postpartum recovery. The program entails a 30 to 40-day confinement period during which new mothers are encouraged to rest, recover, and receive specialized postpartum care. The program includes a variety of practices, such as herbal remedies, postpartum massages, and special postpartum foods, to enhance physical and emotional healing.

The Role of Nourishing Foods in the Chinese Postpartum Program:

Nourishing foods are critical components of the Chinese postpartum program. The program emphasizes the significance of nutrient-rich, warm, and easily digestible foods in promoting postpartum recovery. The foods are typically prepared using traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients, such as ginger, sesame oil, and rice wine, which are believed to enhance healing and replenish vital energy.

Some of the most common postpartum foods include:

  1. Chicken Soup: Chicken soup is a frequently consumed postpartum food in the Chinese postpartum program. The soup is made using whole chicken, Chinese herbs, and vegetables, and is believed to stimulate blood circulation, increase energy levels, and support postpartum healing.

  2. Red Dates Tea: Red dates tea is another popular postpartum food in the Chinese postpartum program. The tea is made using red dates, ginger, and brown sugar and is believed to help regulate blood flow, improve digestion, and boost energy levels.

  3. Ginger Rice Wine: Ginger rice wine is a traditional postpartum drink that is believed to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and support lactation. The drink is made by fermenting glutinous rice with ginger, brown sugar, and Chinese herbs.

Benefits of Nourishing Foods in the Chinese Postpartum Program:

The Chinese postpartum program emphasizes the importance of nourishing foods in promoting physical and emotional recovery. Nutrient-rich, warm, and easily digestible foods are believed to provide numerous benefits, including improved digestion, increased energy, and support for lactation. These foods are also believed to help prevent postpartum depression and improve overall postpartum recovery.

Food to avoid during the Postpartum Confinement Program:

  • Avoid sour, raw, and cold foods as they cause congestion and prevent discharge of lochia.
  • Avoid salty foods because they can cause edema.
  • Complex hard foods are difficult to digest, so avoid them.
  • Stay away from spicy foods because they can cause constipation and make the qi and blood weaker
  • Avoid overeating because you have a weak gastrointestinal function at the time, and the digestive process can be hindered.
  • The best postpartum practice is to eat smaller meal portions and eat as much as 5 or 6 times daily.


The Chinese postpartum program prioritizes holistic postpartum care, including nourishing foods, herbal remedies, and postpartum practices. The program aims to enhance physical and emotional recovery following childbirth and is based on traditional Chinese medicine principles. As a new mother, incorporating nourishing foods into your postpartum diet can support your postpartum recovery.

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