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Hey! As a domestic employee such as a nanny or a caregiver, do you know there are insurances in the market to help you? We all know that our families, properties, and belongings are always exposed to different types of risks.  

Insurance can help us reduce the cost or effect of a loss caused by a variety of risks. You practically accumulate funds to have them available in cases of loss or situations that demand to cover unpredictable expenses.

Without the intention of giving priority to one type of insurance or another, it often happens that when we think about insurance, we focus on car, medical, or home insurance, leaving life insurance aside. We recommend that you consult an insurance advisor to explain the benefits of each one, of the options that exist according to your needs.

Health Insurance

The protection includes hospital expenses, room, clinical services, emergency services, medical visits, medicines, and medical fees, among others. Some companies include in their programs specialized diagnostic exams, dental assistance, and maternity protection.

Some Health Insurance companies in the US are: 

  • American Family Insurance
  • Amerigroup
  • Cambia Health Solutions
  • American Fidelity Assurance
  • The Hartford

Property and Business Insurance

Business Insurance protects your business against loss of and damage to company property due to a wide variety of events, including fire, smoke, wind and hail, civil disturbances, and vandalism.

A homeowner's policy generally covers loss and damage to your personal residence, as well as furniture and certain items in your home. Homeowners' insurance may also offer liability coverage against certain types of accidents that occur at your home or property.

Some Property and Business Insurance companies around the US are:

  • Country Financial
  • Gerber Life Insurance Company
  • Grange Mutual Casualty Company
  • Hiscox Small Business Insurance
  • Nationwide






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