Every nanny needs utmost preparation when coming to work every day because the job of a nanny can be unpredictable sometimes, even when you have a schedule. Emergencies never give a warning before they occur, but your level of preparation can help you attend to issues swiftly.

Just as every profession has its work kit, a nanny’s bag containing essential items like first aid kits and exciting objects like toys is excellent for preparing you for the day’s work and making your employers pleased with your preparation.

If you’re looking to pack a nanny bag for a day in the park or a more extended trip, here’s what should be in your bag.


  1. A First-aid Kit

Get a small-sized first-aid kit that can fit into your bag and take it with you. While you’re doing your best to keep your charges safe, nobody knows when you’ll need to clean a tiny cut, offer a pain reliever, or wipe a surface. Your kit should contain antiseptic and cotton wool, wipes, bandages, tweezers, and antibiotic ointment.


  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must when spending a day at the park with kids because sunburn can spoil the fun before it even starts. If you’re going out with kids and babies who have delicate skins, the best kind of sunscreen to get is one that contains zinc oxide or other minerals. 

Apply a liberal amount of sunscreen on the kids’ skin, especially the exposed parts, even if it doesn’t look too sunny.


  1. Extra clothes

Kids will likely need several wardrobe changes in the day, so don’t be caught unawares, especially when you’re going far from home. While you need a few extra pairs for the kids, you also need an extra pair for yourself because you’re not beyond getting soiled or having something splashed at you.


  1. Snacks

Pack a few snacks in your bag for yourself and the kids in your care in case either of you needs some motivation or you need to reward the kids for doing something right. 

It is important to opt for healthy snacks, so pick the right ones that their health and parents would approve of. You can get yourself your favorite snack.


  1. Water (lots of it)

You need to stay hydrated throughout the day, and the kids need that too, so always pack enough water in your bag for when they’re needed.

If you need to go about with lots of water, and you probably don’t have a car, getting lightweight water bottles will help manage the weight of your bag.


  1. Cleaning materials 

Surface cleaning, hand hygiene, and general cleanliness are essential to ensure that food stains, dust, grime, and other dirt don’t last more than a second. Have wipes in your bag, tissues, and hand sanitizers as well. You can also invest in a portable stain remover. 


  1. Toys and fun materials 

Always have a toy or an interesting book in your bag that you can pull out when you want to distract or console a child. Choose toys or books that they love so that you can keep them glued to it for a while if need be.


  1. Daily Planner

Never go about your day without a planner or schedule for the day to guide you. No matter how sharp your memory, handling kids can make you forget activities. Also, you might need to add an activity to your schedule, so you need to take note.

You can have a physical planner or an app, or both, to help you keep track of activities.


  1. Phone charger and Backup

Your phone should be charged at all times so that the family you work for can call you or you can reach them if need be. Always pack an extra charger or a power bank if you’re going to the park or somewhere you might be unable to charge.

Have an address and phone book in case of emergencies, or if you lose your phone.


  1. Something random but useful

Allow your imagination to lead you to choose the final thing that should be in your bag. It could be as random as a sellotape, a drink, a photobook, a trinket, or even a utility knife.

Remember, the safety of your kids and their enjoyment should influence the choice of things you pack in your nanny bag. Also, ensure that you have all you need to get the job done and handle emergencies. Good luck!


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